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Certified Diamonds
Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in an effort to educate the jewelry industry through research and gemological instrumentation,G.I.A. is extremely strict in assigning color and clarity grades.The G.I.A. Dossier will have the full individual details of each diamond graded, but the plotting is not included, G.I.A. grading reports are considered a hallmark of integrity throughout the diamond, certified diamonds are graded based on the internationally accepted standards by the GIA. G.I.A. Certified Diamond Reports provide Shape, Weight, Polish, Measurements, Clarity Grade Etc..
In Other Labs Certified like A.G.S, E.G.L, I.G.I.The A.G.S. gemological laboratory is equal or more strict than G.I.A. If a diamond has been graded by A.G.S. Lab, it has met the standards of what is considered the perfect proportions, polish, and symmetry, E.G.L. provides a detail diamond report that is sometimes not as strict as G.I.A, E.G.L.Certified Diamond Reports provide Shape and Cut, Depth Percentage, Table Percentage, Polish, Clarity Grade, Color Grade, Etc.., The International Gemological Institute (I.G.I.) is the largest independent grading and appraisal organization in the world, I.G.I.'s diamond report cost less and is used mostly by diamond cutters for smaller diamonds although larger diamonds are also available.